Art, Diamonds, Memorabilia, Object D’art
Company Reg No SC 106486 Est 1987

We have been trading successfully since 1987 in the procurement of goods to facilitate our National Auction programme. Due to a recent company restructure we will no longer be able to receive any future consignments for Auction. We will still be engaged in the placement of trade consignments, valuations, containerisation and shipping.

We are currently clearing all stocks and investments from our UK and overseas warehouse facilities. We will be using the expertise of Charlie Williams Auctioneer to sell our entire inventory. Email


For any further information please contact:

The Auction House, Drummore House, North Berwick Road, Wallyford Toll, Musselburgh, EH21 8JT. Tel: 0131 665 6448 or email the auctioneer on

The photographs below are example lots from our current UK Auction program
Previously Sold Lots
Although these lots have been sold, you may find some similar items at the above auctions