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We, like most people have had to change the way we do things, recent world events have changed all our our lives in some way or another, it’s well publicised that certain business sectors have been forced to evolve. Our Auction business adopted a fairly simple format for the last 30 years, we’ve held regular weekly live auction events throughout the UK and Ireland and like many others business’s we have no option but to evolve with these market driven changes. Due to live event attendance numbers falling within our industry it’s been impossible for us to hold Auctions at our usual large venues this has been further exacerbated by the shopping habits and life style changes of some our customers so we’ve now decided to hold our Luxury goods Auctions online only for the foreseeable future.

We will still offer our contracted technology goods for sale but in order to expand the range of categories and give you the desired selection we will now also clear our own investments from our showrooms and wholesale departments (clearance of approx 20 x 40ft shipping containers).

Many of these items have been in our collection for over 20 years and have never been to Auction before. To assist in our restructuring we will offer these items at incredible clearance prices and in many cases way below their original cost price.

Categories will include: Vibrant Contemporary Art, Master Painters Rare Limited Editions, Diamond And Gemstone Jewellery, Hand Made Furniture, Porcelain And Ceramics, Persian Carpets, Designer Lamps, French Wine And Whiskies, Sculptures And Bronzes, Sporting Memorabilia, Signed Collectable Presentations From Film And Tv, Life Size Carvings And A Vast Selection of Ornamental goods, French Wines and whisky and

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