Due to the recent changes and the restructure of our business we will now clear over 20,000 items of luxury goods at very low reserve prices, we have developed a new 24 hour online auction system where you can bid for goods in your own time and not by a specific event date.

We are currently in negotiations with several parties to redevelop our 10 acre site and if you have an interest we are open to offers, the site has various potential uses including residential subject to the necessary planning.

During the clearance period we will not be able to accept customer goods for auction but this will resume in 2024 once we have cleared our current inventory.




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Charles Phillips are consignment Auctioneers specialising in the expeditious clearance of Original Paintings, Famous Artist Limited Editions, Diamonds Jewellery, Sculptures, Bronzes Persian Carpets and rare “one of a kind” Artistic items.


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Once you have registered you are all set to start your bidding journey, we will offer many of these “one of a kind” items for sale at very attractive offer prices, you can leave whatever bid you feel comfortable with, if you are outbid at anytime you will receive email notification, if you don’t want to be continually bidding on the same lot you have the option to leave your maximum bid this does not mean that you will end up paying this amount eg if your maximum bid is £200 and the previous bid is £100 your next bid would be applied at £110 if no further bids are received and providing the lot has reached the reserve price at the end of the bidding period you would be the winner at £110! You will receive email notifications of all the bids you submit.

Any bid placed on a lot will activate the 7 day timer countdown. Once activated the timer will run for 7 days from the time the first bid is placed.

Near the end of the bidding period on any particular lot we operate a standard 10 minute rule which means that any bid received within the last 10 minutes of the lot closing will automatically trigger the bidding extension period for a further 10 minutes. This extension will repeat and apply to any subsequent bids until the item is sold.

We operate an easy access system to our auction catalogue, you can scroll through all our lots or you can use the drop down menu if you are only interested in a specific category, when you see something you like you can click on this item where you will see multiple pictures and more lot information, once you are happy to bid you just follow the on screen procedure. Once your bid is confirmed it will state that you are either in the lead or that you may have been outbid by a maximum bid which is already registered in the system, this can sometimes be frustrating but just hang in there and increase your bid until you are either in the lead or you have reached the maximum you want to bid.

When the auction closes on a lot you will receive automatic confirmation by email of any lots won. Someone from our office will make contact with you for payment and delivery/collection details, this would normally be within 24 hours after the auction closes. We like to have all invoices settled within 5 days maximum from the auction closing.



From £5 TO £100 the increments are £5
From above £100 to £200 the increments are £10
From above £200 to £500 the increments are £25
From above £500 upwards the increments are £50



All goods are subject to 30% inc vat/sales tax

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